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While The Tiny Mustache is enjoying a developmental hiatus, check out  info on Fialkoff's  next play  ****"The Number"

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The Tiny Mustache Musical drama

*The play touches on aspects of the treatment of Danish Jews in Terezin. The actual performance of the Czech children's opera called Brundibar is discussed among the characters. The extermination camps or death camps of the Nazi machine are briefly mentioned and not the focus  of this play. Auschwitz and Bergen Belsen are  referred to by name. The Typhus epidemic is also mentioned. Poison gas showers and chambers are mentioned in the beginning and the end of the show. 

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The Tiny Mustache is an atypical musical drama set in Terezin, Czechoslovakia in 1944. Five teenagers find themselves trapped in one of the darkest Nazi deceptions of World War II. 
​This endearing story, inspired by actual events will bring 
 tears, laughter and understanding to a terrible time in our history​​​
For information on this, 90 minute theatrical production for 9 actors, with 14+songs, click around the website. 

Schools with a Holocaust curriculum may want to contact us for our 60 minute, 8+ song version. 


The Tiny Mustache

Music & Lyrics by Eliot Bailen

​Book by Steven Fialkoff