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The Tiny Mustache

Photos, Video, and Audio clips from the first New York City​ Workshop Performance, 2014

Directed by Ben Tostado

(Scroll Down for photos and videos; not in order of story line)

Helen is questioned again about a suspicious stone found by Eiler. 

Megan Beard, Kelly Hubbell, Taso Mikroulis, Jimmy Bain, Lori Lusted

  • The Rising Tide song clip0:54

The Nazi officers discuss their secret plans.

  • The Stone Song0:00

Lori Lusted & Jimmy Bain

  • Katz "The Lost Smile"0:48

The teens, Sara, Schaefer and Abby argue about what they have to do, while Hans carefully weighs the situation.

​Hans admits to Abby his fears.

Andrew Goebel & Adam Fieldson

Lori Lusted & Jimmy Bain

*The personal story of Dr. Rustow was too intense to make a play out of, but we have snippets of an interview with her below.*

​​The teens take a little break from a tense situation between Franz and Katz by previewing their new sarcastic "welcome " song.​

At the end of Act 1, the teens sadly fall into line as they prepare for their upcoming performance.

Rick Grossman as Director Katz

​​A secret is revealed in an unusual quiet moment backstage.

Hans puts the finishing touches on Schaefer's  desperate scheme as a nervous Sarah watches.

Adam Fieldson & Rick Grossman

Helen tries to explain to Hans, the difficult position she's in.

Jimmy Bain & Kelly Hubbell

Andrew Goebel as Franz

The cast and crew surround Holocaust Survivor Margrit Rustow

Lori Lusted, Jimmy Bain, Kelly Hubbell, Megan Beard, Taso Mikroulis, Adam Fieldson

Eiler, the SS officer reminds Franz (on left) about the fate of the children.

Adam Fieldson & Kelly Hubbell

Sara realizes that there is more to Schaefer than she thought.

  • The Piano Sang clip0:37

Franz enlightens the teens cruelly.

Adam Fieldson as Eiler 

Kelly Hubbell & Jimmy Bain

Helen is questioned about a Hebrew prayer book discovered in the stage props by the Nazi SS officer, Eiler.  

  • To Survive Song clip0:38

Jimmy Bain, Kelly Hubbell, Lori Lusted, Megan Beard, Taso Mikroulis

Rolf, the assistant to Franz, harasses Hans and Schaefer.

Andrew Goebel & Adam Fieldson

Megan Beard, Kelly Hubbell, Jimmy Bain, Taso Mikroulis, Lori Lusted

Adam Fieldson, Kelly Hubbell, Andrew Goebel

Lori Lusted, Jimmy Bain, Kelly Hubbell, Megan Beard,Taso Mikroulis

The teens take a little break from a tense situation by making fun of their own  show.​

Kelly Hubbell as Helen

The Teens lament their fate in a parody of their upcoming show.

Director Katz tries to dismiss the importance of a book as a mere stage prop.

Lori Lusted & Jimmy Bain

Rick Grossman, Adam Fieldson, Kelly Hubbell

Taso Mikroulis, Jimmy Bain, Megan Beard

Megan Beard, Kelly Hubbell, Jimmy Bain, Taso Mikroulis, Lori Lusted

Helen shows everyone her true feelings for Hans.

Taso Mikroulis & Megan Beard

Peter Sullivan , Jimmy Bain, Taso Mikroulis

Eiler expresses his disdain for the "residents" of the ghetto at Terezin (Theresienstadt).

Megan Beard,  Taso Mikroulis, Lori Lusted

Katz sings about what it's like to be a parent.

The teen performers of Terezin rehearse a song from their musical revue as Katz directs.