The Number

A new original play

Written by Steven Fialkoff

Directed by Michael Bernardi

Dec 4, 2019

7:30 PM

in the Marlene Meyerson JCC 

334 Amsterdam Ave., @ W.76th St.,  New York City 

"The Number"

 Story synopsis:

February 2, 1972. The United States Military is preparing to announce another string of draftees for the Vietnam War, and freshman Jeffrey Roth is an undeniable candidate. 

Rather than dwell on a future he cannot hope to predict or control, Jeff decides to delight his family with the tale of his first meeting with his girlfriend's parents. That is, until a phone call changes everything.

What began as a typical evening for the Roth family dissolves into a journey to the past; a history of suffering and resilience that has long been kept from the family bursts forth from Jeff’s mother, a survivor of the Holocaust. As secrets and guilt rise to the surface, Jeff must do everything he can to find a way to keep his family from falling apart - and all before dessert.